The Complete Gut Health Cookbook: Everything You Need to Know about the Gut and How to Improve Yours





The Complete Gut Health Cookbook allows us to leverage the words of Hippocrates that ‘All disease begins in the gut’ by providing us incredibly healthful and delicious recipes that will keep us healthy today and for a long time to come. This book is masterful as it goes well beyond just providing recipes and explores the limitless health potential of nurturing our gut bacteria. Pete Evans is to be praised for changing the lives of so many with his empowering educational outreach.”  Author: – David Perlmutter, MD Author, #1 New York Times Bestseller, Grain Brain, Brain Maker, and The Grain Brain Whole Life Plan

‘The book contains more than just healthy and delicious recipes; it’s a step-by-step guide to leading a healthier life…Written from a relatable and personal perspective, [Evans] reveals what he has learned on his health journey in the hopes that it will inspire and motivate others.’ Source: Rewire Me

The Complete Gut Health Cookbook is one of the most intriguing cookbooks to ever grace my desk… Beyond affording the reader with an impressive selection of restaurant-quality recipes, the book, as the title suggests, is all about cultivating a healthy gut…I found myself reading each page, each ingredient, like I would a compelling piece of fiction. I was captivated by every creation eager to see what would be on the next page, and restless to tackle each dish myself…Caught up in the creativity of the recipes, you might forget that they’re written with an eye toward optimal health.’  Source: Paleo Magazine

From the Author

PETE EVANS is an award-winning Australian chef, restaurateur, author, television presenter, health coach, adventure seeker, and father. He’s one of Australia’s leading authorities on healthy cooking and lifestyle and is dedicated to improving people’s lives through education about nutritional food and wellness. Pete is co-host of Channel 7’s hugely successful show My Kitchen Rules and the host of his own series and online program The Paleo Way.

 HELEN PADARIN is a naturopath, nutritionist, and herbalist practicing from one of Australia’s leading integrative medical centers in Sydney. She collaborates with Pete Evans on The Paleo Way and, together with Pete, is an ambassador for the Mindd Foundation. She provides post-graduate education for GPs, naturopaths, nutritionists, and other healthcare professionals, and contributes regularly to popular magazines and peer-reviewed clinical textbooks on food, healing, and nutrition.

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